How Much Is A MrBeast Bar: Your Ultimate Guide

How much is a MrBeast bar


If you want to find out how much a MrBeast bar costs, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the pricing and availability of MrBeast bars and where you can purchase them. Whether you’re a fan of MrBeast or just curious about this popular product, we’ll provide all the information you need. So, let’s dive in and find out how much a MrBeast bar costs.

History and Background of the MrBeast Bar

History and Background of the MrBeast Bar

MrBeast, the popular YouTuber known for his elaborate stunts and philanthropy, launched his line of chocolate bars called Feastables in January 2022. The brand’s inception is tied to MrBeast’s desire to create a fun and healthier alternative to conventional chocolate bars while incorporating unique marketing elements such as sweepstakes and prizes.

Development and Launch

  • Origins: The idea for Feastables emerged from MrBeast’s interest in expanding his brand into the food industry. He focused on a product that aligned with his values of fun and engagement. The chocolate bars are designed to be part of his mission to provide high-quality, enjoyable products.
  • Health Focus: The Feastables chocolate bars are marketed as healthier than traditional chocolates. They use minimal and clean ingredients such as organic cocoa and grass-fed milk, avoiding artificial flavours and high fructose corn syrup​.

Product Features and Varieties

  • Flavors: The initial launch included flavors such as Original Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and Quinoa Crunch, and later expanded to include Milk Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Dark Chocolate​.
  • Ingredients: The focus is on using organic and high-quality ingredients, which aligns with the growing consumer demand for healthier snack options​​.

Pricing and Availability of the MrBeast Bar

Pricing and Availability of the MrBeast Bar


1. Feastables Website:

  • 10-Pack: $29.99 for a 10-pack of various flavors such as Original Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and Quinoa Crunch. Shipping costs an additional $4.99​​.
  • Variety Pack: An 18-bar variety pack is available for $49.99​.

2. Amazon:

  • 10-Pack: This item is $29.99 with free shipping. However, certain flavors, such as Quinoa Crunch, might be limited in availability.

3. Walmart:

  • Individual Bars: Prices are around $1.99 per bar, but they can vary slightly depending on the store and current promotions​​.
  • Bundles: Available in packs of 10, with prices similar to those on the Feastables website.

4. Target:

  • Individual Bars: Priced at approximately $1.99 to $2.99 per bar.

5. GoPuff:

  • 3-Pack: A 3-pack is available for $5.49, offering a quick delivery option within specific areas​.


1. Online:

  • Feastables Website: The official website offers the most comprehensive selection of flavors. Shipping is currently limited to the United States, but plans are to expand to other regions.
  • Amazon: Limited flavors are available with free shipping options​.

2. Retail Stores:

  • Walmart: Walmart is widely available in physical stores across the United States.
  • Target: Available in many locations nationwide.
  • GoPuff: Offers fast delivery in specific regions, making it a convenient option for immediate purchases​.

Where to purchase MrBeast bars

You can purchase MrBeast bars on the official MrBeast website or online retail platforms like Amazon. You may also find them at select retail stores or through special promotions and collaborations with other brands.

Special offers or Promotions Mrbeast Bar 

Special offers or Promotions Mrbeast Bar 

MrBeast’s Feastables chocolate bars often come with special offers and promotions that add an exciting element to purchasing the product. Here are some notable promotions and special offers associated with the Feastables bars:

Sweepstakes and Prizes

  • Golden Ticket Sweepstakes: One of the most notable promotions is the Golden Ticket Sweepstakes. When you purchase a Feastables chocolate bar, you can find a code inside the wrapper. Entering this code on the Feastables website allows you to win various prizes, including a Tesla, a Seadoo Park, a Seadoo Pontoon, a Super Bike, and even a chocolate factory. This Willy Wonka-inspired promotion has been a significant draw for fans​.

Limited-Time Offers and Bundles

  • Variety Packs: Feastables offers variety packs that include different flavours of chocolate bars. These packs often come at a discounted price compared to buying individual bars. For instance, an 18-bar variety pack is available for $49.99, which provides a mix of different flavors​.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Occasionally, Feastables runs seasonal promotions where certain flavors or bundles are offered at a discount or come with additional perks, such as free shipping or bonus bars.

Retailer Promotions

  • Retail Partnerships: Feastables bars are available at retailers like Walmart, Target, and GoPuff. These retailers sometimes offer promotions, such as discounts for purchasing multiple bars or special deals for loyalty program members.

Online Offers

  • Official Website Deals: The Feastables official website regularly has promotions, including discounts on bulk purchases and free shipping offers. Additionally, first-time customers might receive special discounts or added incentives to make their first purchase more attractive.

Social Media and Influencer Collaborations

  • Social Media Contests: MrBeast and the Feastables brand often run contests and giveaways on social media platforms. These can include challenges where fans can win free chocolate bars or exclusive merchandise by participating in specific activities or sharing content related to Feastables​.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Many people who have tried the chocolate bars have left positive reviews about the taste and quality of the product. Some customers have also mentioned that they appreciate the bars’ affordability, especially when purchasing them in bulk or taking advantage of promotional offers. Others have noted the convenience of buying the bars at various retailers or through the official website.

Overall, the value of a MrBeast bar can vary depending on individual preferences and the availability of promotions or discounts. Watching for special offers and promotions is always a good idea to ensure you get the best value for your purchase.

Frequently Asked Question

How is Mr Beast Bar made?

The Mr Beast Bar is made with a layer of crispy wafer, topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate. It’s a delicious and satisfying treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Why does Mr. Beast make chocolate?

MrBeast makes chocolate to expand his business ventures and connect with his audience in a new and creative way. It allows him to offer a unique product to his fans and followers.

Is Mr. Beast’s Chocolate a success?

Yes, Mr. Beast Chocolate has been a success. The popular YouTuber Mr. Beast launched his line of chocolate bars, which have been well-received by fans and consumers. The chocolate bars have quickly gained popularity and have been a successful venture for Mr. Beast.


In conclusion, the cost of a MrBeast bar varies depending on the retailer and any promotions or discounts that may be available. It’s best to check the official MrBeast website or authorized retailers for the most up-to-date pricing information. Keep in mind that the cost of the bar may also include shipping and handling fees if purchasing online.

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